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The school believes that student trips within Vietnam and to other countries are an extension and enrichment of the classroom curriculum as well as a desirable part of the extra-curricular program of the School.

Field trips in and around Hanoi

Field trips in and around Hanoi are those which relate directly to the classroom curriculum and are normally confined to day excursions. All students are expected to participate in field trips unless the Administration determines otherwise, such as in cases of illness or disciplinary actions. The costs, including transportation and entrance fees, are borne by the School. The School is responsible for ensuring a risk assessment is carried out for each trip. Trip Head of section with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the risk assessment and approval for all excursions must be granted by the Information to parents, students and to all staff concerned must be sent to all such parties in a timely fashion. Parent permission forms must be sent and collected for all excursions and be approved by the Deputy Head of Section or Head of School section.

Overnight Field Trips beyond Hanol and abroad

Field trips which are taken by students beyond Hanoi and abroad can either be extensions of the curriculum or related to the co-curricular programme. This includes School Camps (Grades 5-12), MRISA events and curriculum specific trips.

- Curriculum-Related Field Trips: These trips are curriculum related and are essential for all students unless excused by the Administration. The cost of these trips is borne by the school.

Examples: Temple of Literature, Local art galleries, ecology studies, etc

- Co-Curricular Field Trips: These trips are optional and are normally taken by those students who elect to participate in the co-curricular activity related to the trip. The cost of these trips is borne by the parents and the school often makes a contribution via providing local transportation and all costs of accompanying staff members. Example: sport competitions, cultural exchanges, Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC)

- From August 2013 Secondary Camps Week trips and Grade 5 camp are included in the school fees.

HIS accepts no responsibility for student trips which are not administratively approved.

For all overnight trips the following procedures must be followed:

1. The camp/ trip leader must be appointed and be responsible for the following steps. Logistics in setting up such camps and trips must be completed well in time. Where relevant contracts drawn up between the School and Second parties which allow partial or full payment to be made

2. Full risk assessments are carried out for the trips.

3. Information relating to such camps and trips must be sent to students, parents and staff well in advance of the camp/ trip. Staff especially include all who are involved in some aspect of the organisation, servicing (medical, transport etc) and the running of the camps/ Trips must be fully briefed including what to do in regard to Child Protection and Crisis Management protocols.

4. Students and staff are informed early on regarding the rules and expectations pertinent to the conduct of students and staff leaders. In the case of MRISA Trips, this includes all published MRISA rules and expectations for students and staff attending.

5. Parental permission forms must be sent out to families at least THREE WEEKS ahead of the camp/ trip, and returned to the school within TWO WEEKS ahead of the camp. Without such parental permission the students cannot attend the planned event.

6. For any trips check the students travel documents such as passports and ID cards to ensure they are up to date re-document validity, and if required, the visa regulations are complied with.

7. For overnight camps where mixed gender students are involved, there must be female and male staff leading the event. emergency

Note that parents are permitted to assist in the supervision of trips where appropriate, with the School administrator permission.

Note that parents have the right to not allow their children to attend such camps/trips but it must be made clear to parents the following:

1. Such camps and curriculum trips are curriculum related and are regarded as part of the School's overall curriculum.

2. Without good reason for not attending, such as a medical condition supported by a medical note, the days away from the event shall be counted as 'Days Absent from School for our records and for entry onto official documents such as transcripts and school student academic records.