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The Library at HIS looks to perform several functions. Whilst they might look different across the age ranges they channel towards the same ultimate ambition: to nurture a love of reading and grow a culture of life-long learning.

This begins with the PYP by activating imagination alongside an introduction to the systems and procedures needed to make best use of Library resources. In addition, reading exposures are designed to augment and extend the homeroom learning experience by aligning tightly with their inquiry lines. 

The MYP sees a shift towards more robust expectations regarding information literacy and academic writing standards. Alongside these developments, the Library connects with MYP core as a research hub, driving a focus on 21st century skills including global civics and digital citizenship. 

The Library continues to play a significant role in the DP. The themes of information literacy and academic writing frameworks reach standardized levels to ensure HIS students are ready to interact with the wider academic world. These goals are met through subject specific collaborations and via support of the Extended Essay process.

It is through this continuum of exposures that the Library at HIS supports learners in their ambition to embody the best version of themselves.