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Clinic Support

At HIS we take the safety and well-being of your children very seriously. In addition to all teachers and teaching assistants receiving child protection training prior to the start of school, we have also worked with local staff to develop understanding of school practices and procedures.


To assure that the health, safety and welfare of students is safeguarded during the school day and during school-sponsored activities, HIS health services are coordinated by the professional in charge of the School Clinic. Parents will inform the school, as a part of the admissions documentation, of the medical history of the child. The clinic will keep the family informed of any health issues that may arise during the school day.


Internal medications may be administered by the School Office or School personnel to any student (e.g., oral antibiotics, aspirin, eye drops) with parental permission. If a student needs to take medication during school day, this medication will be administered by the nurse.

If students need further health support, please contact our nurse, Ms. Le Chu Ngan via this email: