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Athletics Programme at Hanoi International School

Here at Hanoi International School we believe in a balanced program where students can develop new skills and take away experiences above what the academic program has to offer. We believe that a good after school athletics program will be beneficial for students in later life. We encourage and strive to promote a healthy lifestyle, enjoyment, skills development, camaraderie/friendships and respect.

For elementary level the aim is to get students involved and active. We would like them to be involved in as many sports and activities as possible to increase the chance of an all-round skill development, teamwork and enjoyment.

The middle school (grade 6-8) and high school (grade 9-12) participate in local and international associations. The middle and high school both compete in local sport matches in Hanoi as part of the HAC league. We also participate internationally as part of the MRISA league.

Mekong River International Schools Associations (MRISA)

MRISA is an association of eight international schools in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. MRISA promotes interschool activities and competitions for students in Secondary School. These include sporting tournaments, cultural exchanges and technology conferences. Students travel to other schools in the region or host visiting students from participating schools.

Sporting tournaments for Volleyball, Basketball and Football are held throughout the year at two levels - Junior (Grades 6-8) and Senior (Grades 9 -12)

Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC)

HIS is a member of the HAC activities conference which offers the opportunity for interschool competition for 2 age groups (Middle school and High school/Varsity in the following sports:

  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Basketball

HIS Athletic Handbook 2019-2020