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News May2022


Elementary News
Yasou (Hello in Greek)
This week has been extremely busy in Elementary.
On Tuesday Grade 1 went on a field trip to the Hanoi Aquarium which was connected to their learning on living things. The students had a great time taking their learning out of the classroom and they even saw a mermaid!!
Grade 5 are well underway with their Exhibition. They have formed their groups, Central idea and Lines of Inquiry and are now busy researching and inquiring into their chosen areas. It has been a pleasure to see how passionate the students already are with their learning.
Being back on campus has meant that the elementary students have finally been able to experience our amazing new Makerspace. The teachers have all been making the most of this new learning area and the students absolutely love it. Ms Jenny also offers students the opportunity to use this space during snack time as an alternative to playing outside, this has proved to be a very popular option!
Next week our EAL team will begin WIDA testing on all students who speak English as a second language. This is a big task and it will tell us the progress all students have made this year in their English speaking, listening, reading and writing.
I wish you all a very relaxing and enjoyable long weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone. at school on Wednesday 4th May.

Mr Bradley
Head of Elementary

Grade 1

Grade 1 students were very excited to go on their first field trip of the year to the Hanoi Aquarium. Students had lots of fun exploring the different animals and identifying the different elements of the animals habitats. 

Grade 4
Grade 4's worked on the manipulative skills of the underhand and overhand throw in this Target Games unit. They worked in groups to decide rules and scoring systems for a new target game which they showcased by leading stations to teach our Grade 1's how to play their games.

Secondary News
Dear Secondary Community,
Today’s update is all about our amazing seniors, as the past week has been a whirlwind of endings, beginnings and excitement all around!
To start with, we hosted our annual Gr. 12 “Leavers Assembly” last Friday. The event was attended by Gr. 9, 10 and 11 students and by staff from across the Secondary school. Our graduates were celebrated and in turn, gave thanks to the teachers who helped make their Diploma Program journey a success. It was a wonderful event with plenty of laughs (and even a few tears) that will not soon be forgotten.
Friday also marked the last day of lessons at HIS for our Gr. 12’s. For many of our students who have been studying at HIS for a number of years and for those who are relatively new to the school, this was an emotional milestone and a significant step in their academic life.
Lastly, IB Diploma exams began this week for our Gr. 12 students. These exams are the culmination of nearly two years of learning (and sleepless nights!) in one of the world’s most rigorous high school programs. We wish our graduates GOOD LUCK and can’t wait to celebrate with them at the graduation on May 27.
All the best for the long weekend,
Mark Schoemer
Head of Secondary

Chains of Affirmation
Grade 6 is looking toward the end of the school year. BUT before we can close out this tremendous year of transition and challenges, we have to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished. 
Last week, students wrote notes to each other acknowledging something they like about their classmates. We turned those sweet thoughts into chains of affirmation. 
This week, students spent time with all the nice notes about them before writing letters to congratulate themselves on all they have overcome and accomplished.

Grade 11
Have a look at Grade 11 who are finally able to do some exciting Physics practical work. One of the many joys of being back in person. Well done G11!
It is an absolute blast to see that all our teams are back up and running! After 2 weeks of full-on sports activities, yesterday our Senior Football teams took on the teachers in a series of friendly games that resulted in an afternoon of sports, emotion, and lots of fun!
The Tigers are back and we will continue practicing, enjoying the game, and working together to grow and improve as a team.
I would like to thank Mr. Brandon and Ms. Leigh for being our relentless Football coaches, great examples for our students, and for organizing and managing the games, we are truly lucky to have you!

Thank you as well to all the students and staff who came to cheer, and enjoy this great weather while watching the game. You are all great examples of our Tiger spirit.

Looking forward to more sporting news, coming up soon!
As always, stay active, stay healthy, and go tigers!

Mr Joe 

Important dates to remember:
  • April 28th – 20th May
    • G12 IBDP Final exams
  • May 27th
    • G12 Graduation
    • School reports will be sent home
  • May 31st
    • 11am – HIS Summer Holiday
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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