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Elementary News
Cama-i (Hello in Alaskan),
With the year drawing to a close you would think things would be starting to slow down.....that is certainly not the case here in Elementary!!
Over the past 3 weeks our EAL team has been testing every child that speaks English as a second language using the WIDA assessment.   The WIDA MODEL assesses Social Instructional language, and Academic language in the following subject areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.   This report will be sent home to parents next week and provides information about the student’s level of English proficiency in Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading.
On Wednesday and Thursday this week the amazing Grade 5 students had their PYP Exhibition. This was an opportunity for them to showcase the inquiries they had been focusing on over the past 4 weeks. The students all did an amazing job and showed great confidence and knowledge when articulating their learning to the HIS students, staff and on Thursday evening to their parents.
We are so proud of the Grade 5 students and their teachers for the wonderful Exhibition they hosted!

Next week all the classes will be participating in end of year trips around Hanoi. This is a great way for them to celebrate together and end the year having fun outside of the classroom.

Finally, the Semester 2 reports will be sent home via email to all Elementary parents on Friday 27th May. Please ensure you check your emails to read and celebrate your child's learning.

Have a great weekend!
Mr Bradley
Head of Elementary
Secondary News

Dear Secondary Community,
The end of an academic year can be both an ending and beginning; a time to reflect on the year gone by and look ahead to the next.
Today marks the conclusion of the IB Diploma Programme exams, which is the official end of this stage of our Gr. 12 students’ academic lives. Of course, our graduates now have their sights set firmly on the next chapter of their lives and the excitement that comes with further studies at university or college. We are so proud of our students and what they have achieved during such a challenging time - and we look forward to sharing with our community the world-class institutions our graduates will be attending in the fall!
While we say goodbye and goodluck to our Gr. 12 students, we also look forward to welcoming the next group of students into our Secondary school. Following their successful PYP Exhibition this week, our Gr. 5 students will now be making the transition into Gr. 6 and the Middle Years Programme. Next Wednesday, May 25 we will be hosting our incoming Gr. 6 class in the HIS Secondary school for a full day of introduction sessions aimed at preparing them for this important transition.
All the best,
Mark Schoemer
Head of Secondary

MYP Arts Field Trips
Having completed a full carousel of the Arts (Drama, Music, and Visual Arts), the Arts faculty were thrilled to organise some exciting field trips to celebrate the end of our year with grades 6, 7, and 8!
In order to enrich the students’ learning experiences in all three arts, we are engaging with a variety of local cultural art forms. This week brought us to the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre and the Museum of Ethnology.
Stay tuned for next week’s adventures!
This week in PHE, we have been practicing our first aid and CPR unit. Students have learned how to identify different injuries or health issues, and have seen different ways to help and reduce the risks until the victim can be helped by medical professionals. We have also explained the mechanisms involved in the CPR and they were able to try their hand at it on our CPR dummies.

This unit is always very interesting and offers our students a closer view to health sciences in a more practical and hands-on manner.
MYP Drama
It has been an exciting week in MYP Drama as we wrapped up our units with final performances! In Grade 6, some students showed great risk taking in sharing their self-written puppet stories, complete with puppets designed and created by themselves.
In Grade 9 and Grade 10, students shared their Theatre Of The Oppressed productions with peer audiences. The plays were designed to inspire social change for a target audience.
Congratulations to ALL MYP Drama students for their amazing processes and products throughout this unique school year!

Grade 11 CAS
Ken (G11) has run the Basketball CCP, and has been recording his actions for his CAS Project.
Here is what he has learned through the experience:

Congratulations to two of our Grade 8 students, Minh Khoi and Bao Anh (Katie) who have recently been featured on HANOITV with their volunteer project BROWN BEAR COMPUTERS.
In this project, the students collect old and broken computers, which are then fixed and donated to schools in mountainous regions of Vietnam.
Keep up the good work Minh Khoi and Katie!

Please view the news video here:

Brown Bear
After School Music

We are excited to announce that after-school music lessons will be offered at HIS in the fall in many different instruments!
Register today by clicking HERE!  Lessons are paid and not included in regular CCP offerings. Registering now is FREE and students can take one demo lesson in fall semester before committing.
Important dates to remember:
  • May 27th
    • G5 Graduation
    • Grade 12 Graduation
    • School reports will be sent home
  • May 28th
    • StuCo Prom – A Starry Night.
  • May 31st
    • 11am – HIS Summer Holiday

Have a wonderful weekend!

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