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Elementary News
Hello Parents,

I imagine there are a lot of happy households now that parts of Hanoi can order takeaway food from restaurants again! I know our household is, my kids are very happy that they can have a break from Mr Bradley's spaghetti bolognese!!

I have received a number of emails regarding the elementary policy when teachers are absent during Distance Learning. Ms Lara and I have talked in depth about this and we have come up with a solution we believe is best for students, staff and parents.
Going forward if a teacher is away on sick leave I will cover the lessons for the day with the support of the TA and the EAL teacher when available.
I will plan three lessons for the day so teachers don't have to plan asynchronous tasks when they are sick.
This solution will ensure students don't miss any of their timetabled contact time, and I get to spend extra time with the students.

On Thursday 23rd of September the elementary staff will spend the day planning their units together. Normally this is done at the start of the year before school starts, but due to starting the year off in Distance Learning the focus was used to prepare for online teaching and learning instead.
All homeroom teachers will teach the first lesson of the day and then I will teach a lesson for each grade. In the afternoon I will take a Community Connection for PreK-K, Grade 1 and Grade 2 and then after that Grade 3, 4 and 5. Teachers will also set two asynchronous tasks for the students to work on.
This will ensure all elementary students receive 3 lessons for the day and the teachers get time to plan with Ms Lara to strengthen our already strong academic program.
The timetable and information for next Thursday will be shared by you child's homeroom teachers.

I would like to thank you all for your support and positive feedback I have received from both parents and students. I also really appreciate the feedback I receive about what we can reflect on and improve on in our program. The emails are always written very politely and constructively.

I wish you all a restful and enjoyable weekend.

Mr Bradley
Head of Elementary

The amazing Grade 1 students have been inquiring into their personal heritage in our current unit "Where we are in place and time". We have been putting on our magic glasses and looking back to our past and futures. Students created timelines to show how they have changed throughout their lives. It was lots of fun looking back at our baby photos! We also looked into our futures and what we hope to become! The wonderful Rina hopes to become a famous ballerina and travel the world sharing her talent!
- Ms Jenny

Literacy in Grade 1
The amazing Pukeko reading group have been retelling stories they read with pictures! Looking at these pictures what do you think happened in the story?
Grade 1 Visual Arts
In Visual Arts, Grade 1 artists created a family shield. The students designed a symbol based on what represents themselves and their family members. They also included their favorite family activity and where they are from.
- Ms Niola
Secondary News

Hello Secondary Community,

As we wrap up week six of the school year in distance learning, we are amazed by our students’ and teacher’s resilience and open-mindedness. Our grade-level spotlight sections in this newsletter prove that learning at HIS has not simply continued; it is in a constant state of development and improvement. Teachers are testing out new digital platforms and types of tasks to engage their classes and students are discovering better ways to organize their learning and manage their days while learning from home.

Speaking of developing and improving learning at HIS, we recently created two teacher-led working groups who are looking at our approaches to High Quality Learning and Interculturalism at HIS. These are key tenets of the IB and CIS and are key concepts for the next stage of our school development plan. We met as a whole-school on Tuesday during our first “Early Release” session of the year to reflect on our current practices related to these concepts. Starting next week, members of our working groups will be attending Professional Development workshops on these topics to further help drive these initiatives throughout the year. Watch this space for updates on our progress!

Take care,

Mr. Mark
Head of Secondary

G7 - Individuals and Societies
Grade 7 students have been working on creating some fun propaganda posters in their unit on Absolute Power and China's cultural revolution.
- Mr Chad.

Poster design - Yunseo Lee - Grade 7
G7 - English Language Acquisition

In English Language Acquisition, the unit 1 topic for Grade 7 students is called “Make Me!”
Students have engaged in collaborative and individual inquiry into persuasive language techniques in real life contexts, making strong personal connections. They are now diving deeply into different forms of advertising and analysing what makes these texts persuasive.
- Ms Natasha


Grade 7 - Korean
At the beginning of this semester, the G7 Korean Language and Literature class introduced each other and shared their strengths and weaknesses as an IB learner, and selected one or two IB Learner Profiles that each would like to challenge to be. We look forward to seeing our progress after one semester and celebrating individual achievement.

- Ms Eun Kyung
G7 Music

Grade 7 musicians have taken advantage of screen time to explore how music is used in movies. They are creating their own scores for films of their own creation based on short stories. Their music enhances the storytelling and shows the creative minds of grade 7!
- Ms Xan

Grade 7 have been looking at the importance of sleep and have created some tips for better sleep.

Please see some tips below from our Grade 7 students: Dain Kim and Tue Lam Nguyen (Kierra)
Poster design - Lahn Kim G10
STUCO Director of Marketing
Good morning and great to see that you are all doing well.
As we have been discussing in our lessons, there are TONS of ways to work out from home, from shadow boxing to planking, stairs training, water bottle curls, etc..

I am very IMPRESSED by how many of you are being creative and sharing your experiences with others, it's absolutely AMAZING, and we could not be more proud of you guys.

For this week, I would like to share this 5-minute workout/warm-up with all of you. A great video, short but packed with movement and it will help you get your body up and running. Easy? Do it twice. Want to see those results? Do it 3 times. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

As always, please please please feel free to email me with all your questions, experiences, doubts, complaints, thoughts! You know I am here to discuss whatever you need!

Don't forget to do your stretches between calls! Drink MORE water! Eat healthy! Sleep plenty! Talk to your friends, family, and loved ones. Contact a friend today!

Those are the tricks that keep me happy, and I want you all to keep them in mind!!

See you all soon. Stay active, stay healthy!

Mr Joe
Athletics Director
"Study in Japan" University Presentation

On September 22nd, a selection of Japanese Universities will be holding an online presentation for any interested students or parents.

The Universities involved are:
  • Nagoya University
  • Ritsumeikan University
  • NUCB Undergraduate School
  • Temple University, Japan Campus
  • Ritsumeikan APU
The speakers will cover the following topics:
  1. Why study in Japan?
  2. Short Individual University Presentation
  3. Q&A
If you are interested in this presentation, please find below the date and sign up information:

Joshua Coblyn
Director of College Counseling
Hanoi International School

Remember to follow us on facebook/instagram/twitter, by clicking the links below.

Have a great weekend everyone!!