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Student Support Blog

Why Emotions Matter

Have you ever found yourself wondering why more and more schools are turning to mindfulness and investing in social and emotional education as a core part of the curriculum? The important role that emotions play in learning is even reflected in our school’s mission statement:

“We strive to develop the whole child as a life-long learner with a strong sense of self worth.”
Hanoi International School Mission Statement

We know that if a student’s emotions aren’t in balance, then their brains aren’t ready for new learning. The article below from Edutopia explores the lessons that we can learn from the Pixar film, ‘Inside Out’ (2015) on the effect of emotions on our perception and attention spans.

As an IB World School, we explicitly teach our students how to understand and regulate their emotions as well as how to communicate their emotions in an appropriate way. Throughout the PYP, MYP and DP, students discuss the emotional aspect of their identity in the social emotional curriculum as well as developing these self-management skills in all subjects, through the lens of ‘Approaches to Learning’ skills.

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