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Secondary News

14th October 2019

Welcome Back to a second activity packed quarter!

We were very pleased to see so many of you at our recent Parent Coffee Morning at JOMA shortly before the break. It was great to talk with everyone and gather some of your thoughts about the secondary school. We will continue these every month and give you the opportunity to meet our various Coordinators at each session.

Another opportunity to meet with teachers and coordinators is coming up on Monday 28 October with our first Secondary 3 Way Conferences. Meetings will take place between teachers, students and parents from 10am to 6pm in 10 minute blocks. We will also be running Parent Information Sessions on this day with presentations on Managebac, WIDA Testing, MYP Curriculum and Diploma Options for Grade 9 and 10. More details will be shared with you next week.

On Friday 25 October we will be hosting our annual Sports Day at Xuan La Stadium and look forward to seeing you there as well.

Thank you to everyone for your support of the new gate entry system. We are very happy to continue to improve safety and security for all of our community with this new introduction.

Have a great start to Quarter 2 and I look forward to seeing you soon at the 3 Way Conferences.


Matt Buxton

12th September 2019

Dear HIS Community,

Congratulations to our MYP Grade 10 class of 2019, whose average Personal project score was 4.21, much higher than the world average of 3.78 !!!! #excellence #HISLearns

We also congratulate Mr Jeffrey for his leadership as PP Coordinator and all the teachers who served as PP Supervisors

Matt Buxton
Head of Secondary

29th August

It's been an action-packed week for our secondary students with their involvement in Camp Week. Each grade level has served the community in some way and connected with Vietnamese culture as part of their camping program. We hope you enjoy the photos of Camp Week and we look forward to sharing the students' learning experiences back at school next week

24th August 2019

This week we welcomed our parents to visit the school for our Open Evening. It was great to see so many parents in attendance and the positive energy of the first two weeks amongst the students and staff was shared with all of you as well.

We also welcomed all of our camp guides from the Learning Project who met with homeroom teachers to prepare for our Secondary Camps next week. All of our Grade 6-12 students will be joining camps around Northern Vietnam and this year we have focussed on the MYP Service as Action outcomes as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our planning. Every student on camps will have the opportunity to engage in service activities in the communities that they visit. On their return they will continue to reflect on these experiences and parents are able to follow this on their children's Managebac pages.

We thank all of you again for supporting a very positive start to the year and the various new procedures we have introduced.

We look forward to seeing our students ready to head off on Camps on Monday morning.


Matt Buxton

19th August 2019

Welcome back to another fantastic year at HIS!

Over the summer I was lucky to spend time with a huge group of my friends and family from around the world.

As an international school and IB Diploma graduate myself, I am very lucky to have amongst my closest friends, people from over twenty countries. The connections I made and continue to make in this wonderful international community are truly special and I look forward to making many more this year.

Last year we worked with our community on the formation of an updated HIS Mission statement. The key themes from this of- community, excellence and inclusion will form the basis of our work as a school this year.

We are excited to have join us a strong group of new teachers from top international schools around the world. Their own experiences will undoubtedly add even more value to our HIS community.

We are very proud to announce that once again our HIS Class of 2019 achieved well above the world average in IB Diploma results with an average score of 34 points (world average 29.9). Also 100% of our IB Diploma students passed the diploma. We look forward to further academic excellence from our students this year.

Our school continues to grow this year and we have welcomed a large number of new students to our community over the summer. We are justifiably proud of our inclusive environment with tailor made education for all students in our school.

Next Wednesday 21 August we look forward to welcoming you to our Whole School Open Evening from 5:30pm in the Auditorium. This is an opportunity to meet your students teachers and get to know more about the programmes we offer at HIS.

On Monday 26 August all secondary students will, be heading out on Secondary Camps which this year focus on Service as Action in our host nation with outcomes relating to the SGD (Sustainable Development Goals).

I look forward to meeting you all again next week and look forward to another great year.

Yours always,

Matt Buxton

24th May 2019

Our Grade 11 students will take part in the annual Work Experience program from 3rd to 7th June. This week and next, many of them will attend pre-program interviews. Below are Tracey, Yun Jin & Kasia at the Intercontinental Hotel Westlake after their interview with HR Manager Miss Huong. All 3 students passed the interview and have been accepted for a placement.

Every year, the HIS IBDP Grade 11 Geography Class gets the chance to go to Sapa in order to study and conduct research on tourism in Far Northern Vietnam. This year, our geography class, consisting of 10 grade 11 students (Yuwon, Jaemin, Yohan, Duy, Kodai, Taehun, Nhi, Tsukushi, Jasmine, and Yuna) stayed in Sapa for 3 days and 2 nights!

Throughout these 3 days and 2 nights, we ventured all over Sa Pa city to conduct research on tourism for our Internal Assessment. We did all sorts of research - from doing questionnaires with tourists and the locals, to measuring the Air Quality Index and the Environment Quality Index, from the top of Fansipan to the base of Sa Pa City.

By Jasmine, Grade 11

24th April 2019

19th April 2019

We recently held our annual Sports Day at Xuan LA Stadium. The day was a mix of competitive and fun-filled events. Thanks to our PE team for organising the activities and to our cleaning staff for preparing the facilities.

20th March 2019

Last week our secondary students participated in an exciting fieldtrip to Duong Lam village where they gained an appreciation for Vietnamese history & culture. We thank Miss Huong, our senior Vietnamese teacher, for organising this exciting day.

14th March 2019

Thanks to all the student volunteers who helped to make the opening ceremony of the #MRISAAX2019 such a success

28th February 2019

This week our Model United Nations team is participating in the annual conference at UNIS. We have sent a team with an excellent mix of youth and experience to debate topics ranging from human rights to nuclear disarmament.

22nd February 2019

Last week we hosted a Shakespearean workshop in our auditorium for our middle school students. It was wonderful seeing how confident our students were & how willing they were to take a risk and perform in front of their peers.

31st January 2019

One thing that I am most proud of as a member of the HIS Community is how well we use the space we have available to us on campus.

A perfect example of this is our auditorium.

In the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to drop into a whole range of activities in this one simple space.

Last week we hosted our annual MYP Personal Project Exhibition where Grade 10 students showed off their personal inquiries on a range of topics.

Later in the week I was able to stop in to see students rehearsing for our upcoming TET Assembly and an MYP Drama lesson lead by Miss Vicki.

Yesterday we used this same space to host a large number of parents for our Parent Forum looking at HIS identity, mission and vision. Thank you again to all who attended.

In the space of just ten days our whole community took part in events in this same space showing a commitment to our school in a variety of ways.

In the end it is this community and pride in what we have that makes us who we are.

I look forward to many many more events in our auditorium over the years to come and to seeing our community come together to share our unique spirit and pride.

Wishing all of you a very Happy TET holiday.


Matt Buxton

Semester Two - Welcome Back

I hope that you all had relaxing and enjoyable breaks and are now back safely home in Hanoi. I wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

My travels over the break took me to Thailand and Germany where I was lucky to spend time with my family. Having grown up internationally and attended international schools myself it is always interesting thinking about 'going home'. When asked I have always found it hard to explain exactly where my home is having lived in so many countries.

This break however I found myself thinking back to Hanoi and I was very happy to return 'home' here last weekend.

This year we have been focussing on HIS Identity and what this means to us. For many of us Hanoi and HIS is our home. Our school is a close community that we all share a one that I am proud to be a part of.

This semester I look forward to connecting more closely with our parent community and finding out what your HIS Identity is. We look forward to seeing many of you at the next PTA Meeting on 17 January and also at the upcoming Parent Forum on 30 January which we will share more details of very soon.

We are all part of the HIS Community and I look forward to hearing more from you on what this means to you.

Once again I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2019.


Matt Buxton


The Importance of Sport, Exercise & MRISA

Dear Tiger Parents!

As we continue our MRISA sports seasons I would like to share the benefits of how participating in MRISA can positively affect the Approaches To Learning, which are a core element of the IB Curriculum.

Just some of the many examples of how MRISA sports can benefit learning include:

Self-Management Skills - Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Spatial Awareness, Organization, Time Management, Safety, Healthy Living, Codes Of Behaviour, Informed Choices

Thinking Skills - Evaluation, Dialectical Thinking, Meta-Cognition, Analysis

Communication Skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Viewing, Non-Verbal Communication

Social Skills - Accepting Responsibility, Respecting Others, Cooperating, Resolving Conflict, Group Decision Making, Adopting A Variety Of Group Roles

Development of these skills through MRISA participation is not only beneficial but also set the foundation for academic, social and emotional development. For example, developing Group Decision Making (social) skills through team strategy will provide students with the attributes to take on group projects in other learning areas.

The benefits of these will far outweigh the disadvantages for students’ development in an ever-evolving and changing world. Participating in a MRISA provides an incredibly valuable opportunity to develop so many other these AtL skills.

We look forward to seeing your children participate in more and more MRISA sports as we proudly represent our school across the region.

Kind Regards,

Matt Buxton

Head of Secondary

HIS Tigers Volleyball and Basketball

During the last few week our MS Basketball and HS Volleyball teams played their first matches of the season. We would like to celebrate their fantastic efforts on the court and also the very hard work they put into training each week.

Our HS Volleyball teams came up against a very strong opponent in UNIS in their first matches of the season. The results didn't go our way but there were a lot of positives to be taken from these matches. Following this our teams traveled to BIS where our boys narrowly lost but show cased major improvements and their ability to learn from previous matches. Our HS girls demonstrated their class and the work they put in in training showed off beating BIS convincingly"

MS basketball traveled to UNIS for their first matches of the season. For most of our students a very first match playing as a tiger. Our teams came up short to a very strong UNIS outfit but the energy and enjoyment levels for both teams were amazing."

Upcoming fixtures:
HS Volleyball vs SPAS - Tuesday 18 September

MS Basketball vs BVIS - Tuesday 18 September

Lets celebrate the hard work and commitment our teams and coaches put in every week.

Go Tigers!!!

Mr Chris Botha

Athletics Director

6th September 2018

Grade 8 students walking awkwardly towards each other in the auditorium testing their comfort levels with personal space; Grade 11 Diploma Japanese students completing characters on the board with huge smiles on their faces; two French students reading to each other in a language they are only just coming to grips with; Graded 12s wrapping bandages around objects in the new Art and Design space. I am happy to say I saw all of these things in a short ten minute walk around our school.

It is truly inspiring to see so much creativity, effort and pleasure coming from our students as they inquire and engage in numerous ways. Our programmes and teachers enable students to explore the very best they can be and it is this among so many other reasons why I love every minute I spend in our school.

Yesterday I was also privileged to take part in the first MRISA boys volleyball practice of the season. Yest again the passion our students feel for their school was clear to see. We all look forward to another great season of HIS Tigers sports starting this Saturday with Hanoi Activities Conference senior volleyball games starting at 10am at UNIS. Go Tigers!

This year we look forward to seeing more and more of our community supporting both sporting and art events at HIS. In March we host the MRISA Arts Exchange when 120 students from around South East Asia will be joining our community for a celebration of arts, dance, drama and music. Next weekend we welcome the Coordinators from all six MRISA schools as we begin planning for this exciting event.

Next Thursday we also look forward to seeing parents at our next PTA Meeting starting at 3pm in the library.

Finally a reminder that next Tuesday is our first ‘late start’ of the year with students coming at 10:30. While students are enjoying a lie in, our teachers will be working collaboratively across the whole school as we begin our Professional Growth for this year.

Thank you to those of you who attended our Open Evening a couple of weeks ago. I look forward to meeting more of you at further school events as the year continues.


Matt Buxton

Head of Secondary