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PYP News

We are Agentic Learners

Our PYP Learners (students and teachers) explored what being an agent of my own learning means during a cross-grade learning session with all our teachers. Seeing students in mixed groups from PreKK to Grade 5 learning and exploring how they can own their learning by having voice and choice was an exceptional experience to witness.

Here are some reflections from the students to answer the question: What does agency mean to you?

I think agency means voice, choice and ownership. As an agent of my own learning I have ownership of it. I have a voice and I can make a choice. (Niko, G5)

Agency means to me choices to learn. (Yenok, G4))

Agency is we doing something ourselves. (Ngoc Tu, G1)

I think agency in learning means having a voice, knowing the rights choices and having ownership over your learning. (Lam Giang, G4)

November 18, 2019

Last week, our Grade 3 students shared their learning with the class as part of their summative assessment. They enjoyed the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills and use technology to help deliver their message.

MYP News

September 2019

Dedicated to developing their Knowledge and Understanding of the unit “Signs of a Culture: Time and Place Can Influence Art”, Grade 7 have demonstrated their creativity and commitment to their Process Journal work. Using images, sketches and annotations the students have researched the meaning of Popular Culture and set about exploring how artists expose the values and dreams of the societies in which they live.
Kim-Marie Tomlinson
Head of Arts

DP News

Monash University Visit

Last week our Grade 11 IBDP Business Management students had a special workshop led by Monash University's Professor Colin Jevons. Titled "Don't just think outside the box... change the box!" , the lesson complemented the students' DP curriculum and gave them a taste of university-style teaching and learning.

Week 4, Quarter One 2019-20 Academic Year

The Grade 11 English Language and Literature class have been exploring how advertising that we see on a daily basis contains subtle messages that can damage our self-esteem and happiness. To show their understanding of advertising techniques, they created their own ‘anti-adverts’ as a call to action for advertisers to recognise the consequences of the language they use.

Week 2, Quarter One 2019-20 Academic Year

This week in DP Theory of Knowledge, our Grade 11’s were demonstrating how well they have learned to spot logical fallacies that are used in argument. It is important to know these so we can recognise when a person is masking the truth from us - a skill which is very much needed in today’s media-driven society!

Each group in the class created a role play which was performed at the front of the class, then other members had to guess which fallacy they were representing.

Everyone was creative in their delivery and helped others to learn how to recognise fallacy in everyday situations - well done Grade 11!

Miss Heather Neill

Diploma Coordinator and Head of TOK

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.