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MYP News

Service as Action in the MYP

Caption: Seong Yeon and Quynh,‘From NEWbies to NOWbies’ activity leaders, introduce our new secondary students to HIS and the MYP.

Service as action (SA) is a challenging yet very exciting part of being an MYP student.

Through SA our students have the chance to use their strengths, interests and passions to make a positive difference in their community. They also get to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to help solve real problems.

Through their participation in SA activities our students continue to grow as IB Learners and HIS students.

Learning outcomes

The seven MYP learning outcomes for service are:

LO1: Become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth

LO2: Undertake challenges that develop new skills

LO3: Discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities

LO4: Persevere in action

LO5: Work collaboratively with others

LO6: Develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding

LO7: Consider the ethical implications of your actions


Students in Grade 6-8 will demonstrate evidence against all 7 learning outcomes over three years. Grade 9 and 10 student will have two years to demonstrate evidence against each outcome. Student progress in meeting these expectations will be monitored through Managebac and shared on semester reports.

For more information please join us for an MYP Parent Information Session on Wednesday, March 21 at 4pm in the auditorium. In this session we will introduce MYP Service as Action and the Personal Project.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

Arts Blast, February 9th 2018

One of the aim’s of the Secondary Arts team this year is to raise the profile of the Arts at HIS. On February 9th we were treated to the debut performance of the school orchestra as well as a performance from the Drama CCP students informing us of the many ways in which we could survive a zombie apocalypse.

Darcy Teague-Moore, one of the narrators in the Drama play, said that, “The biggest thing I got out of doing this was having fun. After we performed, I felt accomplished; i just wish we did more than one performance!”

By popular demand, the Secondary Drama CCP will continue after Tet, working on the next HIS production; the name of which will be kept secret for now.

Students in grade six through to twelve, should contact Ms. Vicki by the end of February if they would like to be a performer in the next production.

The Arts Blast raised more than two million dong for our nominated charity, Blue Dragon.

MYP Personal Project Exhibition

HIS recently held its first ever MYP Personal Project Exhibition. The entire second floor of the school was filled with Grade 10 students proudly displaying and explaining their projects to the school community. Just in case you missed this event, we’re sharing some of Gyu In’s artwork from her amazing Personal Project on cat rescue & adoption.

Personal Project Exhibition 2018

Written by Haryoung Cho, G10 student

The MYP Personal Project was very stressful and time-consuming. I, therefore, thought the exhibition that came along with the project would be the same. This was because the idea of making two large posters and having to stand and talk to various people who came by was not appealing. However, now that the Personal Project Exhibition is over, I realised that it was a great experience and an equally great opportunity for our grade to present the results of our hard work during these past months to the HIS community.

One thing I find extremely memorable about the MYP Personal Project Exhibition is that there were so many different topics mentioned from a project about creating Vietnamese lessons to a project such as making eco-friendly DIYs. With so many different topics came a myriad of global contexts as well, and I think this variety really emphasised how diverse we are as a grade. I think this made it interesting for not only those who came to our exhibition, but also made it fun for us, the presenters.

It was also great to see that many students, even the younger grade students, were interested and became engaged in our projects. For me, this was particularly important because my goal for the Personal Project was to raise awareness about the issue of the rhino horn trade. Having this exhibition was an opportunity to not only show what I had accomplished during the last few months but also a great way to spread the word to the students and community at HIS.

After participating in the MYP Personal Project Exhibition, I think I would like to be part of another exhibition where we can all proudly present our work again.

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