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Clubs and Committees

HIS Student Council (StuCo)

Our Student Council is made up of elected students in both Elementary and Secondary who are responsible for being the liaison between their fellow students, their class representatives, the HIS teachers, and our PTA.

In our Secondary Stuco, The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director of Marketing are the guardians of our school spirit. They organize social events for all to enjoy such as proms, spirit week, and game nights, and help raise money for charity. 

Last year, the student council was involved in the making of school merchandise and held numerous online events during the longest distance learning of HIS. The student council was able to end the school year with a successful in-person spirit week and prom night that has made a profit for the next student council.

The Elementary Stuco runs many events for the younger students of HIS, including the recent We Scare Hunger event, raising funds and donations to give to a local Hanoi Charity to help under-privileged children.

HIS STUCO can be reached through Instagram @tigers.stuco and Email