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Co-Curricular Programme (CCP)

Hanoi International School is proud to offer a well-balanced and complete Co-Curricular Program (CCP) that runs every day after school across all programs.

From musical activities to sports, arts, science, and technology, the CCP curriculum allows the student to finish the day with an activity of their choice that inspires participants to develop new skills, discover and nurture individual interests and talents and share intercultural perspectives while fostering new social networks and friendships.

All teachers offer different activities, catered for our community, to excel in an inclusive and compassionate environment.

The CCP is run throughout the year in 3 different seasons.
• Season 1 runs from August 29th to November 11th.
• Season 2 runs from November 28th to March 3rd.
• Season 3 runs from March 20th to June 2nd.

Timetables and class options will be shared with parents at the start of each season.

For more information about our CCP Program, please contact Gary Towers