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HIS Alumni Events!

On Thursday 30th May, an alumni reception featuring food and drinks was held in the auditorium, where former students mingled with each other and their former teachers.

It was a great evening of reminiscing and a wonderful reminder of the important continuing role HIS plays in our students' lives.

- Mr Josh


HIS Alumni Events!

Join us - we would love to see you!



HIS Community Visits!

We welcome visits from all our past teachers, students, and staff!

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HIS Alumni 

We love to welcome visits from our amazing HIS Alumni.

If you are every in Hanoi, please do visit us - we would love to see you!

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HIS Alumni 

After connecting with our alumni in London, Mr. Josh attended the Council of International Schools Annual Forum in Dublin, Ireland, last week, where he learned about the latest trends in university admissions, caught up with fellow university counselors and university admissions representatives, and represented HIS to universities from around the world.  

Mr. Josh was able to meet up with admissions representatives from many of the universities where our students are applying this year to have conversations about our individual Class of 2024 students whose applications will be coming across their desks.  This was an invaluable and enriching experience for Mr. Josh, and an important event for helping universities get an opportunity to learn more about our amazing students.  

Mr. Josh is back in the office and eager to meet with any 12th grade students and families about their impending US and UK application deadlines.  

HIS Alumni Brunch

Saturday, Nov. 11 at 12pm

On Saturday 11th November, Mr. Josh, the Director of University Counseling at HIS, had the pleasure of hosting an HIS Alumni lunch in the vibrant city of London, with an incredible turnout of our esteemed HIS alumni. 

The alumni lunch not only served as a beautiful reunion but also as a reminder of the strong bond that connects every member of the HIS community. It was a testament to the shared values, lifelong friendships, and the transformative power of education. We are immensely proud of our alumni and grateful for their continuous support and involvement in the HIS community.

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