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Visual Art

Students of Visual Arts at HIS begin their study in pre-K. The Elementary School Visual Arts curriculum at HIS is guided by the scope and sequence of the Australian curriculum as well as the PYP. The students are encouraged to develop ideas and knowledge, and learn different processes to create their own original work as well as to respond to their own work and the work of other artists. The students are exposed to many streams of visual arts such as:

·       Observation drawing

·       Painting

·       3D and sculpture

·       Printmaking

·       Textile and fiber

·       Collage and mixed media 

The students work progressively, building on the skills and knowledge acquired in previous years. The Visual Arts curriculum is strongly linked to the transdisciplinary units taught in class and the art experiences are another vehicle used to teach concepts in a multisensory and multidisciplinary way.

All students in grade six, seven, and eight have an opportunity to explore Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts on a carousel rotation where students are introduced to the MYP Arts criteria and learn the foundations of all three disciplines. Students of Visual Arts explore different art styles and art making processes.They also evaluate their own work as well as the work of other artists. Young MYP learners also participate each year in an interdisciplinary Arts unit (IDU) that explores the interconnections among the Arts and allows students to meaningfully apply the skills they have developed throughout the year.

As students transition into grade nine, they may select one arts course for deeper study in the MYP. These courses are designed to provide greater depth and challenge and prepare learners for the rigors of DP Visual Arts. Units of study for Visual Arts students in the upper MYP explore important milestones in the History of Art and different artmaking methods and techniques. Students also conduct in-depth analysis of artworks.  

In grade eleven and twelve, students may elect to continue their study of arts in DP Visual Arts. This rigorous two-year course can be taken at the standard or higher level. During the first year of the course students complete a foundation course, introducing them to all three components of the course, as well as the assessment criteria. On completion of this, students explore independently a chosen field or theme of interest in preparation of their final exhibition and submission of their process portfolios and comparative study. 

Outside the classroom, secondary Visual Arts students are invited to explore independent projects of their choice, and participate in or lead arts-related CCPs. They are also encouraged to present student-led workshops during art celebrations.