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Students of Music at HIS begin their study in pre-K. The music curriculum is designed to stimulate, educate, and inspire students whilst developing the IB Learner Profile.  Students engage with concepts and experiences such as:

1.     Expressing feelings and experiences through music

2.     Performing by singing and playing instruments

3.     Musical composition and technology

4.     Different music, song and dance from different cultures

5.     Music history

All students in grade six, seven, and eight have an opportunity to explore Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts on a carousel rotation where students are introduced to the MYP Arts criteria and learn the foundations of all three disciplines. Students of Music are learning to be creative inquirers as the lessons are concept based. Inquiry models and allows students to begin to carve their own path as musicians. Collaboration is crucial and students will learn to question, think, create, and reflect together through their social and research skills.

Young MYP learners also participate each year in an interdisciplinary Arts unit (IDU) that explores the interconnections among the Arts and allows students to meaningfully apply the skills they have developed throughout the year.

As students transition into grade nine, they may select one arts course for deeper study in the MYP. These courses are designed to provide greater depth and challenge. Units of study for Music students in the upper MYP will build and enhance their general music skills, performance and composition skills, understanding of world music cultures, music theory and history, and overall musicianship. 

Outside the classroom, secondary Music students have opportunities to perform in school events as part of  the HIS Orchestra, Thursday’s Live, and many more. Leadership opportunities are offered to committed and experienced individuals.