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Here at HIS, we aim to promote innovation as a central focus throughout the school. By integrating science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) we create a continuum of concepts that link between research and creativity. As a result, our teaching strategies generate authentic access points that drive inquiry, critical thinking, and productivity.

The transdisciplinary nature of the PYP sees innovation integrated within their day-to-day learning experiences. This will have students engaged in hands-on classroom activities, practical experiments, and workshops in our Elementary Makerspace to breathe life into important learning objectives. In the MYP, subjects have a more isolated focus to drive deeper exploration into STEAM key concepts. Teaching and learning includes a focus on interdisciplinary transfer skills to facilitate agency. Building on skills developed in the PYP will see students engaging with a range of real-world issues, building the capacity to solve problems. 

These developments culminate in the DP, where students make use of their innovation skills in order to interact with a rigorous and challenging program. Whilst the DP serves as a strong preparation for higher education, it doubles as a potent opportunity to empower students to enact change through research, service, and action. It is through this commitment that HIS drives our community by nurturing the values of sustainable, creative innovation.