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HIS Sports and Athletics 2022-2023

Here at Hanoi International School, we believe in a balanced program where students can develop new skills and take away experiences above what the academic curriculum has to offer.

We believe that a good after-school athletics program will be beneficial for students in later life.

We believe sport plays a core part of the school community, with the aim of helping students maintain balance in their lives, take risks and participate in the wider aspects of school and society, beyond academic study.

We encourage and strive to promote a healthy lifestyle, enjoyment, skill development, camaraderie/friendships, and respect.

We participate in local and international sporting associations that can be complicated at the best of times. Therefore it requires a tremendous amount of commitment from our student-athletes, parents, and coaches to make such an athletics program work.

HIS is an active member of the Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) and the Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA). The later was founded in 1999 to facilitate cultural and sporting exchanges between regional schools in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.