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Diploma Programme continued

IB Courses

Not all of our students want to do the full Diploma programme, or they do not require it for their university or career choice - we can support students who wish to sit a more tailored programme. We require our IB Course students to choose four subjects, instead of siz, and the differences in the programme are as follows, although these differences can be tailored, depending on the student’s needs or interests:

IB Course Students:
  •   do not have to take any Higher Level subjects
  •   do not have to write an Extended Essay
  •   do not have to write an essay in ToK
  •   may be able to sit internal examinations instead of registering for IB Examinations.
  •   do not have to gain 24 points to get the certificate - (sitting the exams and meeting the  
  •   requirements of the respective subjects satisfy the IB Courses certificate requirements).
What do universities think about IB Course?

Many universities recognize student’s achievements in individual DP courses and in the core components. In some countries, DP achievements are seen in the context of curriculum enrichment rather than as the main means of admission. In others, universities give credit or tariff points for individual DP courses and also the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge courses. Students should check admission requirements with individual universities.

In most countries in Europe, the official ministry recognition statement applies to the full IB diploma. The DP courses are not regarded as a complete secondary leaving certificate and therefore do not meet the minimum requirements for university admission. There are, however, many universities in the UK that will accept DP courses provided they are relevant for the programme the student applies to.

In the United States and some other countries, as there is no national ministry or centralized bureaucracy that determines a standardized admission policy, each university determines for itself who it will admit. Many universities will admit students who have not earned the full diploma. Additionally, community colleges and similar institutions can provide pathways into undergraduate studies for students who fail to earn the full diploma.

The majority of the students at HIS will take examinations under the supervision of the International Baccalaureate. An IB Course Certificate will be awarded externally, by the IB, for any IB examination taken. IB Certificates are typically used in conjunction with an HIS High School Diploma to earn advanced standing credit. The award of IB Course Certificates is independent of the HIS High School Diploma.

Graduation Requirements and the HIS Diploma

In order to graduate from HIS, students must pass the HIS Diploma successfully. Students begin working towards the HIS Diploma in Grade 9 and it is very important for future achievement to be mindful that summative grades matter.