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Diploma Programme (DP)

“Carefully, steadily and impressively, the IB programme has grown to become the most widely respected pre-university curriculum in the world”(International Quarterly)

The IB Diploma is a world-renowned programme for its rigor, breadth, and depth, and how it prepares students for future careers. The IBDP examinations are sat by around 170,000 students from around 140 countries every year. Primarily a two-year programme, students who undertake the IB Diploma will study six subjects, with three other disciplines being undertaken as ‘Core’ requirements that provide further opportunities for students to develop both as learners, and as young people. The programme is respected by leading universities around the world for the way it develops students’ inquiry and critical thinking skills, independence, resilience, and reflective skills. 

The DP provides opportunities to develop both disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding that meet rigorous standards. It is a truly international programme incorporating the best educational practices from around the world while remaining free from the influence of any particular system or government. In addition to academic excellence, it encourages open-mindedness, intercultural understanding, action, and the attitudes necessary to respect and evaluate a range of viewpoints.

A model of the IB Diploma curriculum can be seen below. Each student must study Language A, the study of literature, Language B, the acquisition of a language, an Individuals & Societies subject, a science subject, Mathematics, and either an Arts subject, an additional science, an additional language, or an additional I&S subject. For more information about the subjects we offer here at HIS, please visit our IBDP Options Page.

At HIS, we have a balanced, well-organised programme that gives students the best chance for success. Our Academic Calendar is spaced and considered, and our approach to IBDP Internal Assessments is approached with preparation, structured, and guided by our teachers. We fully prepare students for final examinations by holding two sets of cumulative examinations, one set at the end of the first year of the Diploma, and one close to the end of the second year. At HIS, we pride ourselves on providing students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to perform at their potential when it really matters.

The Core Requirements

For more information on the IB Courses, Graduation requirements and the HIS Diploma, please click here

Heather Neill
Assistant Head of Secondary / DP Curriculum Coordinator