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MYP News

Grade 6 Drama

“Playful connections with others can build relationships and enhance self-esteem”

Grade 6 students have moved to their third Arts discipline this year, Drama. They are learning about how being playful with each other can strengthen the feeling of community in grade 6 as well as make them feel good about themselves. They are experimenting with ‘Trestle masks’ and how they can be playful with the audience in order to build a relationship.

World Poetry Day 21st March

Some offerings from our Grade 7 Language Acquisition class:

The Bright Sun

The sun is my family,

Flies above my head and saves the day

It takes over the gloomy days,

And makes it brighter.

It’s the sunshine that makes my life merrier and better.


As crowded as New York Square

But joyful as an oven full of cookies

Loud like millions of lions roaring

It’s a dream come true.


The Personal Project Exhibition 2019

Written by Hannah Waters

On the day of the MYP Personal Project Exhibition we were all really nervous. We were ready and waiting for our guests to come and see the projects that we have been working on for nine, long months. We had stalls set up showing off our products with our posters behind us. The first class arrived, and groups of people came to our stands and asked us about what we made. It was actually really fun and even though repeating the five same sentences over and over again was boring at times, at the end of the day there was a strong feeling of accomplishment and pride in our work.

Baseball Season

Secondary students are loving our baseball unit at Xuan La Stadium

From Mr Joe

After finishing the theoretical health lessons, we have started practicing Cricket in PHE. The weather has been great for sports lately, and we have been practicing a lot outdoors. Students have been growing their skills in throwing, catching, striking and running fast to get to those wickets!

Baseball is next,

Stay active, stay healthy, and stay tuned for more pictures coming soon!

What's happening in PHE?

Our Grade 7 students have been working on Criterion B (Planning for performance) in PHE. In these photos we can see them first planning for a game of ultimate frisbee and then putting their plans into action. In order to win their next game they are trying to design and practice the perfect play. What a fun activity!

Studio @ Dusk: Tuesday 6th November, 6pm

HIS is proud to present a performance evening called, ‘Studio @ Dusk’, showcasing the talents of our grade 8 Drama students and MYP musicians.

All parents and friends of HIS are welcome to join us for a prompt 6pm start, on Tuesday 6th November, in the HIS auditorium. The grade 8 students will be sharing their performances from their MYP Drama unit. We will also be joined by students who will be performing a selection of musical items.

Please contact the MYP Drama teacher, Vicki Gardner, with any questions.

Grade 9 I&S learns about the Greenhouse Effect

Written by Philip Tychtl

On the 21st of September the Grade 9 students completed an experiment in Individuals and Societies. The experiment was about the greenhouse effect. For our experiment we tested the difference in temperature between oxygen and COշ. The way we did this experiment was that we burnt holes into the bottles, and connected two thermometers to the main bottles. The second bottle was connected by a pipe into the COշ bottle. The holes were then sealed with some playdough. Next, we placed all the bottles under the thermal lamp and recorded the temperatures minute by minute. At last we found out that the temperature of the bottle connected to the COշ was higher than the temperature of the other bottle. This is because the COշ captures and maintains the heat that is sent out from our makeshift sun, the heat lamp.

Our experiment allowed us to demonstrate the IB Learner Profile attributes of being inquirers as well as being open-minded. That is, we inquired about our planet and were also open-minded about what is going on in the world by learning various facts about issues that concern the world. In so doing we are also principled and knowledgeable.

The HIS Rhino Project partners with the Wilderness Foundation Africa

Written by Hannah Waters

This Tuesday HIS and the HIS Rhino Project welcomed the Wilderness Foundation Africa to our school to help them promote the Wild Rhino campaign. Rhinos are on the verge of extinction in South Africa mainly due to poaching. Sadly, Vietnam is the world’s No. 1 consumer of rhino horn because many people mistakenly believe it has medicinal value. It does not. Instead, rhino horn is made of keratin. This is the same material that our hair and nails are made of.

Led by three G10 students, Linh Do, Hannah Waters and Annisa Dzulkafli, the Rhino Project at HIS is made up of members from different grades and backgrounds. Our goal is to reduce the consumption of rhino horn because it simply does not benefit anyone.

This past week the Rhino Project met to brainstorm ideas about how to raise awareness of rhino poaching here in Hanoi. In the future we really want to reach the community outside of HIS. We had some great ideas, such as designing t-shirts that people would like to wear, especially outside of school, putting up thought-provoking posters around Hanoi or by having a stall during the annual HIWC Bazaar. We also organised goodies that our partner, the Wilderness Foundation, sent for our Elementary students. They also sent us Instagram frames that we have been having fun using to take photos. We think this could also be a very fun way to get people thinking about this issue around Hanoi.

The Wilderness Foundation has been a great help to us and we will hopefully be working very closely with them in future. If anyone would like to join our Rhino Project SA activity just contact Linh, Hannah, or Annisa in Grade 10.


Service Expo

Written by the HIS Service Executives

Last week we held our first HIS Service Expo which featured our Service Leaders and their activities. This was the first chance this year for our MYP and DP students to learn more about ongoing activities and how to join as members. There was an exciting range of service activities on display at the expo. This included activities such as peer tutoring, Vietnamese language and culture classes, and an orientation programme for our new students, that are aimed at meeting needs within our HIS community. There were also activities focused on addressing specific UN Sustainable Development Goals which included raising awareness and fundraising for causes such as the Rohingya, street animals in Hanoi and the use of rhino horns in Vietnam.

Each of our activity leaders shares something in common — a passion to find a solution to a problem in the community. Our HIS SA Leaders continue to use their strengths, interests, and passions to make a positive difference in our community. The Service Expo was our first chance to showcase their ongoing work and achievements to the HIS community. We look forward to the next Service Expo, where we will again be able to share our progress towards making a better tomorrow.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead


HIS Service Executives

The HIS Service Executives work with the HIS community to promote and create a culture of service through student-initiated and led activities. We support service project leaders in the process of starting and continuing their projects; lead workshops for students about leadership and service learning; inform the community about different global issues; and, help students to organize the service section of their ManageBac.

MYP Science Fair Grade 6 and 7

Reflection written by Hyung Joon (Michael), Grade 6:

I was pretty interested in my project (which is a solar cooker) because I am also interested in solar energy or energy from the sun. My invention could be used in the future because with so much air pollution for coal power, solar power can save the earth from Climate Change. Hopefully in the future when the solar cooker is developed, we can use it in real life. I enjoyed my first science fair because I learned more about the scientific reasons behind the everyday things we use and do, and improved my time management skills. If I ever do this experiment again, I will do it during hotter weather.

Reflection written by Doy Kim, Grade 7:

The Science Fair, is a personal project where you can show your passion and apply your knowledge through designing an experiment and being able to relate it to real life situations. HIS Grade 6 and 7 students are given this opportunity near the end of the school year. This helps prepare students for Grade 9 when we start our actual personal projects. In my opinion, students are able to improve their Approaches to Learning Skills -communication skills, social skills, research skills, self management skills and thinking skills. I thought that I was able to improve on my self management skills and social skills. This is because I didn't have any teacher instructing me about what to do. Therefore, I needed to find ways to manage things myself and I had to work out how I was going to conclude the entire project before the Science Fair. My social skills improved through presenting my experiment and work to others. Continuing on, I was able to achieve some of the IB Learner Profile attributes, which were being an inquirer, open-minded and reflective. After I had finished writing the science lab report, it made me reflect on my conclusion and check if the results were reasonable, accurate and reliable. However, I did face challenges during this science fair, such as choosing an experiment which I could be related to real life situations. I thought that the Science Fair was tremendously successful.

Other Tongue Night

by Grade 7 and 8 English Language Acquisition Phase 3-4

On April 26th, the Language Acquisition Dept held its inaugural Other Tongue Night in the auditorium, an event we hope will feature annually on the calendar. Here is what some of the Grade 7 and 8s who took part in the performance said about the process of preparing and what they found most challenging.

The purpose of Other Tongue Night is to celebrate multilingualism, which is something our school emphasizes as an IB school. The most challenging part of this process for me was making and editing a stop-motion video. I started this because the story ‘Holes’ had a flashback, so I thought it would be good to use a different media to interest the audience. The process of making the stop-motion really required a lot of time because I had to make all the characters by hand with plasticine and take tons of pictures to make short scenes. It was fun putting it all together with my friend, Yoonjeong, and recording my other classmates’ voices.

- Annie, Grade 8

Getting away from academic work and preparing a performance was a time to relax for me. Also, it was a good chance to get along with other students who were not really close with me.

- Yoonjeong, Grade 8

One of the things I most enjoyed was my character, which is Mr.Pendanski because Mr.Pendanski is a funny and over-acting person, which made it more fun to play. I enjoyed the scene when I said to Zero “He wouldn’t know. His brain is empty. That’s why his name is Zero”

  • Vivian, Grade 7

I most enjoyed just the process of preparing for the event. Since the experience needed a lot of reflecting and a lot of communication, using these skills made this process of preparing more valuable.

- Mindy, Grade 8

It was good that we could do a lot of things with one book; watching a movie and performing by ourselves. But it was hard for me to project a louder voice. I’m really noisy when I’m with friends or family, but I feel very shy when speaking in front of the class or a bunch of people. I needed a solemn, angry tone, but at first, I found it embarrassing to speak in that tone. However, by practicing again and again, I managed to improve my confidence. So I would definitely recommend participating in this kind of performance to others because it is a good opportunity to improve both your weakness and strengths through the process of preparing. Also, acting in front of an audience made me confident and made me feel like participating in a performance next time.

- Yumin, Grade 8

What I most enjoyed about the process of preparing for the event was when I practiced the digging part; I enjoyed moving my body and doing some gestures. It was very nerve-wracking to show our performance to the audience because I was always nervous when I was standing on the stage for acting, but over time this went away.

- Chaeyeon, Grade 8

Service Learning in Language Acquisition

Written by Hung, Grade 8

Blue Dragon is a non profit organization, created to rescue homeless children from the streets of Vietnam, to provide shelter and other needs to develop these children’s social skills and education. Blue Dragon offers children and families in crisis the chance to turn their lives around, providing practical solutions to the daily problems that create the poverty cycle.

We at Hanoi International School have been helping Blue Dragon for years through our school events, such as Spring Carnival, Art Night, etc. Recently on the 15th February, the HIS community donated many types of stationery to Blue Dragon, because they were running short on supplies and tools at the time. This stationery donation was initiated by the Grade 6, 7 & 8 Language Acquisition Phase 5 students.

On November 17th, the Grade 7 & 8 Language Acquisition Phase 5 students went on a trip to the Blue Dragon shelter located in Hanoi. The trip was very helpful for both the HIS students and Blue Dragon. During the trip, the students were informed by Mr Chris, Blue Dragon's School and Sponsorship Officer, that Blue Dragon are running out of stationery and would be extremely thankful if the HIS community could help them out.

The students got to see and to understand how the children live in Blue Dragon, how they are being treated and their living environment. Some students were able to interview Mr Chris to deepen their understanding about this special organization.


Written by Sam, Mindy, Brian and Jenny

From 21st to 25th March, the first-ever MRISA STEAM Fair was held at ISHCMC, Saigon. Participants in the HIS junior Steam team were Jenny, Mindy, Sam from Grade 8, and Brian from Grade 6. Many of us have career dreams that are related to STEAM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Mathematics) and we wanted to experience something new as well as get to know other students. At the STEAM Fair there were a total of 5 different competitions - the 10M Dash, the Sumo race, the Obstacle race (which used Lego robotics) and a Cardboard boat race.

6 schools(HIS, UNIS, ISHCMC, VIS, NISC, ISPP) from 3 different countries attended the fair. It was an opportunity to meet new people and collaborate with them, making us more open-minded and confident.

Regardless of winning or losing the races, we all got something to take home with us : the experience! We have improved our communication skills by giving each other feedback and being reflective, and by really listening to feedback and taking it onboard. We discovered so much about Lego robotics and I think next year, our team will be a force to be reckoned with! We were living the IB Learner Profiles throughout the whole fair - for a start, we were risk-takers by attending the fair because it was new to everyone. We were also thinkers when we designed our cardboard boats and and Lego robots.

Most importantly, the STEAM Fair helped us to realize the connection between STEAM and our everyday lives. Special thanks to Mr. Michael, and Grade 12 students Kun Ho and Kiran, who supported us and led us to success. Also, we want to thank Ms. Sue and the other teachers for giving us an opportunity to write a school blog. Our team really enjoyed participating in the STEAM Fair, and if there is a chance to attend next year, we would like to participate again.

Service Spotlight: Straight 7s Tutors

Written by Minju, G10

Straight 7’s Tutors is a peer tutoring program that allows students to either provide or receive academic help for or from other students. The aims of this program are:

  • To provide learning assistance to students in a particular academic subject or skill area by pairing such students with fellow students who have demonstrated competence in that particular academic subject or skill area
  • To improve students’ understanding and application of concepts and methods as they pertain to a particular subject or skill, thereby enhancing student success
  • To provide tutors with an opportunity to refine their communication, instructional and interpersonal skills through the process of interactive peer instruction
  • To provide tutors with a constructive mechanism to consolidate their own knowledge in a particular subject.

This service activity was established by two student leaders (In Hye & I) because we noticed many students were struggling to find effective methods to deal with academic challenges. During the investigation process, we conducted a survey among students and it showed that approximately half of the respondents received academic help from their peers when needed. We contemplated developing a peer tutoring program to support all students in secondary school. Research shows that “students feel more comfortable and open when interacting with a peer” because they “share a similar discourse, allowing for greater understanding” (Briggs, 2013). Moreover, we believe that through this program, both tutors and tutees will be able to develop their collaborative skills. Taking into account of all the research, this program will hopefully contribute to creating a more friendly environment in our school.

Now, it is time to take action by implementing the program and allowing students to sign-up as tutees or tutors. Contact the activity leaders if you are interested!

Activity Leaders:


In Hye:

Behind the Drama Classroom Doors …

Have you ever wondered what on earth goes on behind the Drama classroom doors? Well, wonder no more!

Click this link to watch a brief video clip of a grade 7 Drama lesson last Friday. Here you will see the students working in groups at the start of their summative assessment. Each group is exploring different creative ways to represent parts of a story through performance.

Grade 9 Presents Act IV of "An Inspector Calls"

Written by Hannah Waters, Grade 9 English Language and Literature

After reading the shocking tale of An Inspector Calls by playwright J.B. Priestley, and being left with a cliffhanger at the end of Act III, we decided to write ourown ending, Act IV, to conclude the story.

In our Act, we wanted to show how social class played a major role in Priestly's era and how some people used their power perversely. We thought that even though this was a huge issue back then, it can still relate to social issues of today. After many arguments and laughs, we finally finished the script.

We performed Act IV after one week of rehearsal. The students really internalized their characters in the roles that they had to play, and we helped each other by giving acting tips to shy students. We invited Mr Sean, Mr Volker and Ms Sue to be our audience during our dramatic performance. In the end, everyone did a really good job and we are all very proud of ourselves.

Special thanks to Ms. Carina, aka our homeroom teacher away from homeroom... =)

Service Spotlight: From NEWbies to NOWbies

This is Quynh from Grade 9 and Seon Yeong from Grade 10. Our service activity is called “From Newbies to Nowbies.” As a new student coming to a new school, everything is new. What our program does is to help new students feel welcome and adapt to the HIS environment better and even help them to know more about Hanoi!

The reason why we started this program was because we all have been a new student and know how it feels like for everything to look strange and feel different. We want to change that!

After we started this service this year, we has a lot of fun meeting new students and getting to know them. We have already had four sessions and we can’t wait to look forward for more!


It's now three months into our new PE program, and we are working really hard on our NET SPORTS unit. Being the longest unit to date, we have been going to the badminton, volleyball and tennis courts day after day, playing many games and having so much fun.

Regarding fitness, we start our lessons with a 10 minute continuous run around the block, and we have done the vertical jump test, which was a really exciting thing to do. Our MYP students got to compete against their friends to see who can jump the highest of all.

Summer is finally on its way, and we are enjoying some bright blue skies and warmer temperatures while playing tennis. I would like to remind students to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days.

Mr Joe -MYP PE Teacher

HIS Service Executives

Written by Haryoung Cho, Service Executives PR/ Communications Officer

MYP Service as Action (SA) is new at HIS. As the Service Executives, we work towards trying to create a culture of service through student-initiated and led activities. These student-initiated activities each have Activity Leaders, and build on students’ passions, strengths, and interests. They can also lead students to build leadership skills and establish a clear view on what service learning is.

The SA Executives (SA Execs) are a group of four student leaders who, along with teacher supervisors, support our Activity Leaders in the process of starting and continuing their activities by following the 5 Stages of Service. The 5 Stages of Service include investigation, preparation and planning, action, reflection, and demonstration. It is the SA Exec’s job to help students understand what the different stages of service mean and how to become engaged in the different stages. The SA Execs can also help activity leaders fill in the needed requirements and organise their ManageBac’s Service section, teach them about different types of service, and check the progress of individual activities.

The Service Executives are:

President: Blair G11

PR/ Communications: Haryoung G10

Activity Leader Liaison: Thu Nga G9

Secretary: Young Ho G9

While the Service as Action program is in the process of being implemented, we already have 5 different activities that are being planned or are in action. This include a myriad of topics, such as a new student orientation program and an animal rights activity.

More information will be introduced on these activities soon, so be sure to be on the lookout for them. And come and see us if you want to know more about service at HIS!

MYP PE Update from Mr Joe

The spring weather has been lovely, so we have been able to do a lot of activities on the football field.

We completed the second unit, striking and fielding sports. In this unit, we played many exciting games of kickball and cricket, and we found out we have some amazing kickers and batsmen among our MYP students!

Everyone showed an improvement in their spatial awareness, a fundamental skill to perform well in fielding sports, and games got more competitive & exciting as our collective skill level rose.

MYP students will spend March playing net sports - we'll be at the badminton and tennis courts!

Service as Action in the MYP

Caption: Seon Yeon and Quynh,‘From NEWbies to NOWbies’ activity leaders, introduce our new secondary students to HIS and the MYP.

Service as action (SA) is a challenging yet very exciting part of being an MYP student.

Through SA our students have the chance to use their strengths, interests and passions to make a positive difference in their community. They also get to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to help solve real problems.

Through their participation in SA activities our students continue to grow as IB Learners and HIS students.

Learning outcomes

The seven MYP learning outcomes for service are:

LO1: Become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth

LO2: Undertake challenges that develop new skills

LO3: Discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities

LO4: Persevere in action

LO5: Work collaboratively with others

LO6: Develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding

LO7: Consider the ethical implications of your actions


Students in Grade 6-8 will demonstrate evidence against all 7 learning outcomes over three years. Grade 9 and 10 student will have two years to demonstrate evidence against each outcome. Student progress in meeting these expectations will be monitored through Managebac and shared on semester reports.

For more information please join us for an MYP Parent Information Session on Wednesday, March 21 at 4pm in the auditorium. In this session we will introduce MYP Service as Action and the Personal Project.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

Arts Blast, February 9th 2018

One of the aim’s of the Secondary Arts team this year is to raise the profile of the Arts at HIS. On February 9th we were treated to the debut performance of the school orchestra as well as a performance from the Drama CCP students informing us of the many ways in which we could survive a zombie apocalypse.

Darcy Teague-Moore, one of the narrators in the Drama play, said that, “The biggest thing I got out of doing this was having fun. After we performed, I felt accomplished; i just wish we did more than one performance!”

By popular demand, the Secondary Drama CCP will continue after Tet, working on the next HIS production; the name of which will be kept secret for now.

Students in grade six through to twelve, should contact Ms. Vicki by the end of February if they would like to be a performer in the next production.

The Arts Blast raised more than two million dong for our nominated charity, Blue Dragon.

MYP Personal Project Exhibition

HIS recently held its first ever MYP Personal Project Exhibition. The entire second floor of the school was filled with Grade 10 students proudly displaying and explaining their projects to the school community. Just in case you missed this event, we’re sharing some of Gyu In’s artwork from her amazing Personal Project on cat rescue & adoption.

Personal Project Exhibition 2018

Written by Haryoung Cho, G10 student

The MYP Personal Project was very stressful and time-consuming. I, therefore, thought the exhibition that came along with the project would be the same. This was because the idea of making two large posters and having to stand and talk to various people who came by was not appealing. However, now that the Personal Project Exhibition is over, I realised that it was a great experience and an equally great opportunity for our grade to present the results of our hard work during these past months to the HIS community.

One thing I find extremely memorable about the MYP Personal Project Exhibition is that there were so many different topics mentioned from a project about creating Vietnamese lessons to a project such as making eco-friendly DIYs. With so many different topics came a myriad of global contexts as well, and I think this variety really emphasised how diverse we are as a grade. I think this made it interesting for not only those who came to our exhibition, but also made it fun for us, the presenters.

It was also great to see that many students, even the younger grade students, were interested and became engaged in our projects. For me, this was particularly important because my goal for the Personal Project was to raise awareness about the issue of the rhino horn trade. Having this exhibition was an opportunity to not only show what I had accomplished during the last few months but also a great way to spread the word to the students and community at HIS.

After participating in the MYP Personal Project Exhibition, I think I would like to be part of another exhibition where we can all proudly present our work again.