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DP News

Week 4, Quarter One 2019-20 Academic Year

The Grade 11 English Language and Literature class have been exploring how advertising that we see on a daily basis contains subtle messages that can damage our self-esteem and happiness. To show their understanding of advertising techniques, they created their own ‘anti-adverts’ as a call to action for advertisers to recognise the consequences of the language they use.

Week 2, Quarter One 2019-20 Academic Year

This week in DP Theory of Knowledge, our Grade 11’s were demonstrating how well they have learned to spot logical fallacies that are used in argument. It is important to know these so we can recognise when a person is masking the truth from us - a skill which is very much needed in today’s media-driven society!

Each group in the class created a role play which was performed at the front of the class, then other members had to guess which fallacy they were representing.

Everyone was creative in their delivery and helped others to learn how to recognise fallacy in everyday situations - well done Grade 11!

Miss Heather Neill

Diploma Coordinator and Head of TOK

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

Over the coming months and many years to come, we hope to walk with you through everything you need to know regarding the school life of students in IBDP and keep you updated about the upcoming events happening in the secondary school. This blog is open to all parents, students, and teachers at HIS who are interested in following and learning the experiences of G11 and G12.

The current members of our editing and writing team for this blog are Sami, Titus, TaeHun, Jenny (Kyuri) and Mr. Volker. We are looking forward to welcome more members to join this team in the near future who are not only interested in collaborating with other students and teachers but are also interested in writing valuable content for the readers of this blog in our CCP.

Please feel free to check this blog on a monthly basis, to be up-to-date about the latest IBDP events and developments.

We have set the stone, but only together we can make the stone become a mountain.

Sami Mathur and Titus Oebchokchai


May 24 - As time goes by... last day of the IBDP final exams May 2019

The challenge is to stay cool enough to handle the pressure in the moment so that you can succeed in the future.

Jürgen Klopp (German coach Liverpool F.C.)

Congratulations - you’ve made it!:)

Same time, different year. The final exams began on May 3rd and ended on May 24th.

It was a month full of hard work and preparations for the final IBDP exams 2019 for both students and teachers.

All the students were nervous. Though they had mixed feelings. A part of them was bold and prepared to sit the exams. And the other part was scared, not knowing what would happen next. A lot of tension and stress was there. Meanwhile, unconditional support and time were given to students by their teachers in order to best help them in preparing for the exams.

Now that the exams are over, it is time for students to celebrate all the hard work and culmination of their school life along with the beginning of many new experiences to come. The Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday 31st May, at the Lotte Hotel. Below there is a short message from the Class of 2019, sharing their experience studying at HIS.

Sami Mathur

“As the time to say goodbye is coming nearer, emotions are hitting us hard. It’s hard to believe how time just flew by. From waiting for university life to end our journey at HIS, we badly want to bring back the memories, fun, laughter, lessons and what not. From never-ending assignments to important tests, from jumping in the corridors to now feeling extremely sad to leave this place. It was an incredible journey and will always be the most beautiful. Hold on. We just realized that it is officially over. Signing off with teary eyes and the widest smile as this beautiful chapter is coming to its end…” - Class of 2019 -

May 24 - Final exam French B Paper 2


May 19-21 - Geography trip to Sapa

Last week the Grade 11 Geography class traveled to Sapa in northern Vietnam, to investigate tourism management issues affecting the local area. The students' goal was to collect as much primary data as they could to investigate the carrying capacity of the local area. In doing so, the students surveyed over 300 foreign tourists, national tourists and local residents over the 3 days. A fantastic group effort from all who participated.

Mr. Brandon


May 8 - G4 Science Project G11

From understanding how spiderman uses his web to walking on water to generating power from water plants, the IBDP Group 4 Project ventured into superhuman powers as the theme. Science can be fun and can be enjoyed while integrating 3 specific disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Indeed, the Grade 11 students definitely enjoyed the activity highlighting teamwork and collaboration as an ATL being emphasized.

Mr. Jeffrey


April 16 - G12 DP Visual Arts Exhibition

On April 16th the HIS auditorium was transformed into a hip contemporary art gallery with the Grade 12 DP Visual Arts final exhibition on view. The work on display represented 18 months of sustained creative inquiry by each of the following artists:

Seung Won Kwon

Blair Kim

Chi Nguyen Nguyen

Jamie Martin

Jiyoung Park

For this culminating task our students created work in a range of media from painting to video, printmaking to installation and photography to sculpture. They presented a range of ambitious pieces that challenged both themselves and the audience.

Please enjoy a few highlights from the evening!

Ms. Sue


March 27 - G10 IBDP subject options evening

On the 27th of March, HIS hosted the IB Diploma Programme night for G10 students and parents. At this event, students and parents learned not only about subject choices but also the holistic approach the IB takes with the focus on the “Core.” Many elements of the Core were familiar to G10 students, as they are well versed in the Learner Profile and ATL’s from their experience in the MYP. Students also heard from Ms. Ali (University Counselor) on the importance of subject choice and pathways to universities.

After the introduction to the program, students and parents met with the DP Teachers to find out more and decide how to create their personalized jigsaw puzzle of DP classes. This is an exciting time for students, as they will have the opportunity to study these courses in great depth and at a standard similar to what one would expect in their first year of the university.

Below are the pieces of advice from the current G11 students who, only one year later, are now much wiser when it comes to understanding the DP and the implications of class choices.

Mr. Dan Slaughter


‘We are our choices.’

- Jean-Paul Sartre

Dear G10 students,

The time has finally come for you to choose your very first set of classes you will take for the IBDP. Besides all these feelings of anxiousness you may have littered around your current state of mind when trying to choose your classes for the next 2 years of your life, there is something you should probably know. As important as all these components such as CAS, the EE and the IA happen be, those taking this course should be aware that choosing a class is not supposed to be a daunting task to be held.

Remember, the choices that you will make are not as important as the commitment needed to make those choices worthwhile.

Commitment in the IBDP follows the learner profile set by others, and commitment in life follows the profile set by you.

Titus Oebchokchai


‘Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.’

- William Penn

MYP is just a preparation for us to get an experience of life in IBDP. But, IBDP is a programme where you study almost at university or college level, thus there are a lot of challenging tasks. Since there are a lot of tasks, it is essential for us to organize our time. A well-arranged schedule will allow us to address our tasks more efficiently with less effort. Thus, in my opinion, the most important skill to survive the IBDP and be successful in the end is a proper time- and self-management.

Tae Hun


Certain departments at universities often require compulsory courses and HL courses for certain subjects,thus, check what prospective departments require in advance. This varies from university to university.

For high grades, the selection of subjects is important. IBDP is a reality. First, you should think about what you like and do well. Do what you like if you don't have any regrets about the score. If you want to get good grades, choose what you are good at. This means that you should consider the objective difficulty of each subject, but you should never ignore your interests. If you like it, you automatically put a lot of effort into it.

Kyuri Park


Please stay tuned for the next blog post!